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Business support for companies, Individuals, and Innovators.

Areas of Expertise


Business Models

With the business world changing it is more important than ever to have a structured and well planned business model. Ensuring a strong core management that companies can rely on for years to come. We are able to cater for everyone from the smallest of family run business right up to large scale operations.


It is always important to receive advice on further development this can be a nudge in the right direction or just a chat to discuss further opportunities and techniques to grow your business. We are always here for you.


A strong brand in any market is a necessity in order to grow and develop your business. We are able to help create a strong and unique identity that will dominate any marketplace. 

Business plans

Creating a solid business plan is the core to a great company. Without a plan a business becomes unstructured and difficult to manage. We are able to create a strong solid plan that outlines everyone required for future growth and investment opportunities.


Despite not directly being an investment company Datum International is able to assist clients in setting up and securing financial backing. Wether this be business loans or direct with investors or preparing for an IPO.


Every company wants to make a profit, however some companies may be able to generate greater profits via restructuring and remodelling current activities providing a easy way to increase your margins.